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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Left my ___ in DC

Day 9 - Back in the burgh

It's amazing the things we leave behind when we return from vacation, and I don't mean friends, memories, etc... J left behind his sneakers at the B&B in VA, I left behind both my pictures in MD (they weren't developed yet) and my credit card in DC. Thankfully, all should be mailed back to me in the next week or so, but it's kind of funny, the traces we leave behind. :)

We stopped at IHOP on our way home and stuffed ourselves on pancakes. Yumm.

Then when we got home we had some bonding time with the kitties. Speaking of which, Kira has been ultra clingy. You woulda thought I left her for a week or something...sheesh. ;-)

Well, I should go get some breakfast..I'm starved.


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