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Monday, October 31, 2005


Sometimes it feels as if people are trying to make me have a panic attack. I called up my school regarding the Academic Honor Society that I was supposed to be inducted to on Sunday. I hadn't gotten any materials since I'd sent in the check, so I thought I'd verify that everything was received.

Well, I get the director of this program on the phone and he says "Oh, hrm. I don't seem to have your name on my list. Nope, not on the program either. Although, we sent back any of the ones received late (I sent mine in early). Call Angela, she'll be able to tell you what happened." So I call "Angela" and tell her what he said, then she puts me on hold.

Meanwhile, I'm in a panic thinking about the annoyance of this, when the guy gets back on the phone (I guess she transferred me without letting me know), "Sorry, I was looking at last year's materials. You're on there. No problems. Congratulations, we'll see you Sunday."

I swear, every day is a test of my anti-anxiety medication!


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