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Saturday, May 7, 2005

There goes another one...

YEY! I passed !! I passed !! YEY!!!!

I laughed in the face of adversity (more like cried) this a.m. when I took the Macroeconomics CLEP exam.

  • First of all, I've never taken an economics class in my life.
  • Second, they stuck me in my own little cell of a room, which was kind of noisy, because I could hear what was going on in the lobby.
  • Third, I couldn't find the f'ing calculator! (how am I supposed to calculate the marginal propensity to consume with out it?)
  • Next, Few of the questions were anywhere near similar to the types of questions on the "official" study guide practice tests
  • Finally, the fire alarm went off while I was taking the exam...And stayed going off for 15 minutes! I didn't care if the whole place burned down, I was going to take that f'ing exam.

So there you have it, I got through all that and got a 66% (a 50% is required to pass) on the exam and now no longer have to take that course this summer. That will save me 8 weeks, $1,200(net savings), and the chance of my GPA being lowered by that heinous excuse of a course. :bounce bounce:


At 5/09/2005 12:19 AM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

Fuck yeah, baby! There you go!! YEAH!!!!

$1200!! Momma needs a new pair of shoes....


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