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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scottie's Wild Kingdom

If you've been following my life lately (and who wouldn't? It's exciting! (/sarcasm) ), you'd know that I moved last month. The new house has its perks. There's the nice neighborhood, low crime area, newer house, and even the new neighbors!

This evening they all seemed to be coming to visit.

Here is one of our little chipmunks:

Here is another one:

Well, then they started to get jiggy with it...in our yard, then our neighbors yard (as you can see here through the fence), then back in our yard... Unfortunately I couldn't get any good pics of them here in our yard...those little buggers move FAST! (but OH the endurance!!!).

They were mating like...well...our resident bunny seen here just minutes later:

Then you can KIND of see here some of the other residents. On the feeder is one of our cardinals....and down on the ground to the left is one of the doves.

The only neighbors that weren't present were any of our probably dozen little squirrels.

Maybe I will get some better pictures of them when they are closer (they come right up to the patio door most evenings but can be a little skittish sometimes..


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