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Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh say can you, Si? No!

A recent article in CNN regarding a translation of the National Anthem has really started to piss me off.

Not because I believe that America is an English-speaking country being "invaded by wetbacks." ('Cuz Lord knows this country was a multi-cultural country invaded and stolen by the Whities a few centuries ago ). I'm mad because we definitely need immigration reform. In more ways than have been highlighted by protests.

I'm sorry, I cannot back the cause of a bunch of people who knowingly broke the law, climbed a fence and made it into this country and are now demanding citizenship before a person is able to fall in love with someone from another country and bring them into this country legally. One fight at a time here people.

Hear me out on this one. If I were to fall in love with some hot Irish guy named Brendan and want to bring him into the US, I would not be able to. If it were a girl named Siobhan or Deirdre, I would only have to get married to get that to happen. But NOOOOOOO. I have no rights as an American-born man to bring another man into this country permanently, regardless of reason.

Yet, they are talking about being able to make someone who floated into this country aboard an upside down Yugo wrapped in duct tape a citizen with full rights? That's just bull shit! I don't want to pay for that shit until I can marry my fictional Irish hunnie-bear and get my well-deserved tax breaks and survivor benefits!

I know I'm going to piss off some of my friends with this argument, but I'm mad! Yes, I believe our borders need to be opened. Yes, I believe our immigration laws should be changed. However, until Brendan and I can go skipping into the Dairy Queen with matching rings and rights equivalent to that of Brittany and Kevin, then y'all can go take a flying ....

:::and now back to your regularly scheduled blogging::


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