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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Burn Out

So this weekend has been a rough one for me. I've spent the past few days trying to sort out work and life and haven't come to many conclusions. One thing that I have realized is that I'm pretty lost.

I've been working with my mentor to try to land the job that I will enjoy, but it doesn't seem to be working. Now, I wasn't hoping for a silver bullett or some magical potion, but I was hoping on some opportunities. Something tells me that either a) I'm either barking up the wrong tree, or b) being unrealistic. Don't know which is it...but eventually I've got to figure it out.

I've even tried to follow-up with places that declined to interview me to find out if they had any feedback. Even though they are probably extremely busy, I've held out hope that I would be able to reach one of them for some constructive criticism. Sorry, no luck.

Oh well, time to end my whining for the evening.

G'night y'all.


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