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Sunday, January 21, 2007


...or, Death Becomes Her

My paternal grandma (and my favorite) used to say that her mother-in-law was going to outlive us all...and that Great Grandma took so many medications that she wouldn't need to be embalmed. Well, she was partially right.

Great Grandma, Mabel, outlived her daughter-in-law by just over 8 years. She looked rather well-preserved as I stared at her 98 year old body lying in her casket. In fact, Great Grandma actually looked a little better than the last time I saw her.

My aunt stopped by to talk to me and had to leave in tears (from laughing) as I said "well, at least Grandma got 8 good years of peace and quiet..." ::nodding to Great Grandma::. You see, Great Grandma used to drive my Grandma NUTS. Grandma would say "I'm only get peace when one of us dies...and even then, only for a while."

Y'all probably think I'm horrible, but you have to understand, Great Grandma was quite the old fire-cracker. The woman never shut up (don't even say it). She also thought things were much worse for her than anyone. If Grandma said it was raining, Great Grandma would claim that she was getting a Tsunami at her house. If Grandma got 2 inches of snow, Great Grandma had it up to her windows. When my grandmother was stricken with cancer 9 years ago, she giggled to me, "let's see her top this!"

So, I can say it with all honestly, everyone laughed at Great Grandma. I didn't laugh much today. It was kind of sad seeing her laid out in her white with pink embroidered flowered casket, but it wasn't devastating. The woman was 98, died peacefully in her sleep, and wasn't in pain. What more could you ask for? That and for the fact that I had all 4 great grandmothers at birth, and, until 5 months ago, had 2. Now there are none.

Well, there was the little bit of happiness as I said "SEEEEE, I'm not so bad," when my triplet cousins came in with tattoos on their bodies and facial piercings... Did I mention that they are not quite 16? Ok, I feel much better about myself.

Goodnight everybody, and rest in peace Mabel.



At 1/22/2007 7:09 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

Tattooed triplets? I think I caught B watching that just last night.


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