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Monday, January 1, 2007

2006 in Review

Do two times a tradition make? Well, let's see. :)

January: We started January off with a zap of the corneas, and suddenly I was seeing 20/15...just in time to sob them out over Brokeback Mountain and the crazy nun.

February: February was a cold month, but it at least brought me an iPod, the Steelers one for the thumb, and some tampon art. Kinda cool.

March: I became a bigger geek, my boss's evil alter ego reared its ugly head a la Aliens, and the Dixie Chicks knocked my socks off with their new release.

April: In April, I lived in a hotel for 2 weeks, then moved into the new home. I also gave this joint a facelift and got the opportunity to see a crack-head woman piss on a building.

May: Aside from commencement, this was a rather boring month!

June: Another boring month...I bitched about smokers (but not like I did in the Post-Gazette this week (scroll to the bottom))...and then we went to Cleveland for a weekend.

July: I passed another kidney stone (read: Large Rock Baby shot out of my Pee-hole), had more drama w/ the bitch-boss, and Wobyn got into Grad School.

August: Granny-Myrtle passed in August and established this as the low-point for the year.

September: I got promoted into a job that, so far, I've loved! I also shared my observations of strangers.

October: Slow month! Started off with my new job, Elton John, then ended with a mad rush between a wedding and a comedian.

November: Maybe this is a slow year...I did the cubicle shuffle, and celebrated the demise of Santorum (Big Cause for Celebration).

December: Wow...did I do ANYTHING this year??? This was a month of silliness and random videos.

I think I need to do more with myself this year...what do you think?


At 1/01/2007 4:52 PM, Blogger Washington Cube's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

A tad. Maybe. ;)


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