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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bothered and Bewildered?

Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous entry that, on Sunday, we (J, Manda, and I) went to go see Bewitched. It was a cute movie.

Now, I say cute in the "Oh look, the puppy is pooping green shag carpeting...Wait. We don't have green shag carpeting" sort of way not the "Fuzzy Bunnies are Cute" way. I love Nicole; she's a goddess. But... Will Farrell sucks. Shirley McClaine puts in a great, brief, performance. As does Kristen Chenoweth and Michael Caine.

The storyline kind of drags in the beginning and ther are a couple of "cute" tricks played, but nothing too exciting. It's not a "pee in your pants" style of funny movie. Although, I love the bit about a "giant male reproductive organ" (who wouldn't?).

All said, I would probably give it a B -- If it weren't for some strong cast members (heh, member) I would give it a C.


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