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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Reasons to Vegetate

I'm a clutz. Not just any old clutz...a SUPER-clutz. Anything stupid that can happen to a person, will happen to me or a friend of mine(sorry Manda, you win on the yearbook thing).

So yesterday I gently tossed my laptop frisbee-style onto my bed as I usually do, but because the matress pad and thousands of layers of 400 thread-count streets it never does anything but land with a *poof*. Well, because of the hives that I've broken out in, I'd just stripped the bed to wash the sheets, so that protective layer was not there. Therefore my notebook went *bounce* *flip* *thud* onto the floor landing directly onto the protruding network card which then busted the contacts inside the laptop for the card. There I am, itching like crazy and swearing up a storm and now without internet access. :OY:

I went to the 3 major computer stores by me and did some quick comparison shopping on new laptops (mine is almost 2 years old, and I'd like to replace it anyways) then settled on picking up a USB network card for now. It seems to be working, but I really hate having that thing protruding out of the back of my computer like a baby w/ a thermometer sticking out of its bum.

Now I'm doing some more online price-shopping as well as online job-hunting and so far, I'm baffled. It's funny how these laptops are priced as none of them have exactly what I want. I found a couple of them online through dell that I customized where I want them, but there's still one or two things that bother me about each of them. I also didn't like much of what I saw in the stores. Acer's looked like a child's toy (cheap plastic), Toshiba's had this insanely small keyboard for as big as the deck was, Compaq still scares me (anybody have any recommendations there, and I've never trusted Gateway. My favorite, HP, doesn't seem to make any low-priced models these days...I guess they are leaving that up to Compaq. Suggestions are welcome!


At 6/19/2005 1:44 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

PowerBook? eMachines? I'm quite happy with my IBM t42 (and can get you an employee discount on IBMs prolly...)


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