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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Calling Occupants

I think my Professor has been abducted by aliens (hopefully ones w/ large anal probes). Let me preface this by saying that my prof. isn't very responsive to begin with. There is only 3 weeks left of class and he's yet to give me a grade on anything. He only posts the course assignments the week before they are due, but this time he hasn't posted the assigment in about a week and a half and Monday we got a cryptic message saying "medical issue: I will be out for 2 days, but will catch up after that."

How the f' am I supposed to learn anything by writing definitions to a couple of terms not in the book and writing responses to two questions??? How am I supposed to absorb anything? Usually my classes have a lot of assignments and plenty of content, but this one has been really superficial. ::sigh:: Look at the education I'm getting.

Every other class that I've taken has been very informative with lots of content. This one just plain sucks.


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