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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rock the Wake

Warning: If you are offended by utter lack of taste, please skip this entry.

Yesterday afternoon was the viewing for my boss's mom. Now, in a normal world, me and the co-workers would send a bouquet of flowers, and then go off to the viewing. NOT in my f'ing office!

First of all, one of the coworkers, let's call her "whiney", asked my boss why the viewing was going to be in Uniontown..."It's so far away." The nerve? My boss said afterwards that she almost said "I'm sorry [whiney], that I didn't have her laid out in the atrium [in the office building] to fit your schedule."

Originally going to ride with "whiney", "Pushover", and "Annoying Bitch." Then I get a call from "Never Shuts Up" asking if he could ride with us. I couldn't say no.

Then, Broomhilda, who EVERYONE hates...especially my boss, decided that she was going to go to the viewing. So, I was thinking..."If I have to sit for 3 hours in a car with whiney, Bitch, Never Shuts Up, and Broomhilda, I will end up in a looney bin."

Then I called my buddy, Mo, who says "Oh god! Broomhilda wants to come with us..And we have one space in the car...What do I do??"

So... Here's what I did. I said "Broomhilda, you go in the van with the crew...Pushover has the directions, so I'm going to navigate for Mo."

Thank god for that.

Then, I ended up driving Mo, K., & M.E. to the viewing...and only the girls and I could make an event of it. After a quick lunch at the Holiday Inn, we got on the road and purposely got to the viewing just as Broomhilda and crew were leaving..YEY! Then we paid our respects and tried (successfully) to cheer up my boss. Our buddy L. was already there, so we had a pretty good time (I know, we are at a viewing. That's what's scary).

Then, as we are leaving the home, Mo spots a bar called "Titlow." Well, even my boss thought this was funny, so we went sans boss (she had to finish out the viewing) to Titlow for a drink or two before enduring the drive back to work.

Then we laughed the whole way back to the office and realized that we had made 6 hours out of our trip and it was time to go home.

Let me now explain that my Boss has a fantastic sense of humor and really needed a laugh after the last few months. She really would get a kick out of our "normal" behavior. Yes, this is "normal" for the crew at work. :)


At 8/01/2005 12:01 AM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

Please remind me to invite you to my next wake!


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