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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Alpha Who?

I forgot to tell y'all, your eminence got a letter nominating him (post-graduate) to become a member of the Alpha Iota Mu honor society for Information Technology majors. Yeah, I know I'm a nerd...and I'm still going to pay the $70 lifetime membership fee, solely for the ability to place that honor on my resume.

A resume that seems to be doing a lot of travelling lately, but that has not been let in the game. Oh, I've gotten calls: "would you like a job building databases?" or "we have this great entry-level sales position." Apparently none of them have read my resume or cover letter that each state I'm looking for a career in communications.

I want a job where I can be creative...funny even! Hell, I wanna be paid to blog. That would be a great job. Now before the 5 of you who read my blog start pitching pennies at me, I mean a REAL salary.

Then again, that's not going to happen, so I will continue to whore myself out to the corporate beast while I dream of soemthing better.


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