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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Higher Learning

...or, Intelligence is inversely proportional to the degree obtained.

Part 1

So for the past few weeks I have been diving headfirst into the arena of training and development. Only now am I starting to realize how stupid professors can be.

I have been facilitating classes in an online setting where half of my audience is administration the other half is faculty. Here are some of the exchanges:

Me: "When email, it is best not to reply to all..it shouldn't even be available."
Dr. Habib: "Please, don't be taking away my reply to all.. I use that!"
Me: "I'm not taking anything away...I don't work at Microsoft. I'm just making a point."
Dr. Habib: "But i use that!"
Me: "Are you listening to me?"


Dr. Akbar: "How do i register???" m
Me: "I will get to that towards the end of the class"
Dr. Akbar: "I need an account!"
Me: "i will get to that"
Dr. Akbar: "Where can I get this account?"
Me: "Please hold your question until the end of the class"

::muting the entire class so i can finish my presentation::

and then...

Unknown Participant(UP): ::Chomp Chomp Chomp::
Me: "if you wouldn't mind muting your phones it would be greatly appreciated"
UP: ::crunch crunch SLURRRRRRP::
Me: "whoever is eating, please mute your phone"
UP: ::munch munch munch::
Me: "I don't want to have to mute everyone"
UP: ::munch munch::
Me: "i'm sorry, but that is kind of disgusting.. please put your phone on mute or come back when you are done with your lunch"
UP: ::slluuuuurrrrrrrrrp:: "oops.. sorry!!!"
Me: ::banging head off of desk::

Part 2

Geek Fest '07: I've thought before that I was a geek. I was SOOO wrong.

Today was a big event for Microsoft. With all the to do about it, I thought it might be fun. I was SOO wrong.

I was stuck in a room with about 1,000 stinky geeks (very few cute) watching a 4-hour presentation on the developer's view of Microsoft Vista, Exchange 07, and Office 07.

I'd like to write more about it..but I just can't even explain it. It was as if the Star Trek convention let out early and everyone was in their work clothes. Does that paint enough of a picture for you?



At 2/07/2007 12:01 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

When I envision trekkies in the work clothes, for some reason I still picture them dressed as Spock.


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