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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


...Or, Another see-saw night with Idol
  • Kiki done turned the mother OUT! Great vocals, Great Boots, You are fierce!
  • Chris S. couldn't find the beat with a flashlight and magnifying glass. The Police are probably not going to offer him much assistance after that mess.
  • Gina, I loved it...you almost made me cry in my lo mein. But honey, who did your hair? Alfalfa?
  • Sin-Jaya, What..The..F*ck..Was..That??? (looking down at my drink suspiciously)
  • Haley didn't you listen to Gwen? I mean, you are given expert advice and you throw it out the window. You must be retarded as well as a tart.
  • Phil, not bad, but I think your eyes will haunt my dreams.
  • Mel, that was one hot dress, and some fierce hair. Aside from that, your vocals were OFF THE HOOK(s)! YOU GO GURL!
  • Mmmm Blake, that is one of my favorite songs and you made me wanna be alone with you. ::melt::
  • Jordin, what the f*ck were you thinking with that outfit? You usually rock the mother f'er, but that dress looks like you found the softer side of Sears
  • Chris R., good thing you listened to Miss Gwen, mostly. Seriously, though, you are NOT Justin Timberlake...be your own you.
Finally, Paula, you started out lucid...but then you started to slide.



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