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Thursday, April 10, 2008



Babies are alive and well. Here's a pic of them from tonight after work:

I still don't know how many there are. I've been checking them usually in the morning before work, but they seem to be taken care of. We saw mom Tuesday night, but tonight we got a much better view of her.

She came in and spent about a half hour, 20 minutes scouting out the area and 10 minutes caring for the little ones. She seems to be quite patient, yet a bit apprehensive. I don't blame her considering she's got the entire litter practically out in the open. They are just about 2 feet off of our patio.

You can see below her scoping out the situation and then moving in and feeding the babies. She then cleaned them up, put them to bed, covered them back up, and then ran off in a flash. She didn't seem to mind us watching. We just turned off the lights and sat pretty still until she left. Good Babymomma!

Who needs the Discovery Channel?

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At 4/11/2008 1:44 AM, Blogger naechstehaltestelle's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

Oh wow, they've gotten so big and so CUTE! I wanna snuggle them...


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