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Thursday, November 6, 2008


So Tuesday was both a happy and a sad day for civil rights and equality. I was happy to see some diversity get elected to the White House as it truly shows that we, as a country, is able to accept someone with a different skin tone than almond. That is definitely a huge step for the country.

Of course, in the dance of politics, when there's one step forward, there's always another step back. Fundamentalist Christians, the Church of Latter Day Saints, and some other wackjobs spent enough money to save the economy in order to force discrimination into a couple of states' constitutions. Apparently us 'Mo's were too much of a threat to their church.

Now, if you figure, both sides spent more than $100mil on this initiative, which could have almost rescued a bank or two. We also have an economy in the toilet, thousands of people dying in two wars, and a few other crises here at home and people were wasting money on writing more discrimination into our lives.

Oh, and by the way the passing of this amendment will cause the state to lose around $10mil a year in sales taxes from the thousands of marriages that would happen if marriage stayed legal.



At 11/07/2008 2:11 AM, Blogger naechstehaltestelle's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

I just can't understand how the country can be so progressive and then backwards at the same time. It's such a big blow and I'm actually really disappointed. I never thought these states would pass these bans. Especially CA? WTF?


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