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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Ever wonder what will happen when you repeatedly confront a subject with adversity? I believe that there are 3 possible outcomes. The subject will: retreat, be defeated, or somehow overcome. This is nothing new--just an interpretation of fight or flight.

Well, over the next 8.5 months we shall see how things play out for me with school. Right now, though tempted to retreat, I will push forward.

Today, I was investigating consolidating my new student loans because I just paid off my old consolidation loans. I found out that I can't consolidate until I'm in my "grace" period, which doesn't occur until I graduate or drop below full time at school (and hence lose student aid).

My reason for wanting to consolidate is that the interest rates are expected to go up in July for the first time in 7 years and consolidating locks the rate in for the length of that consolidation.

In the process of my investigating, I found out that my Stafford loans are exhausted until fall, so I will have to front my tuition for my 2 summer classes. That left me with the decision that I'm going to attempt to CLEP out of one of them, thus saving me from paying about $1,200 in tuition. And that means that I have to work through the 3 classes I'm taking now plus start studying for that CLEP so that I can pass it before the summer term starts. Therefore, Scottie's going to be a busy boy!



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