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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Everybody else is doing it

Here I sit in a silent vigil for the pope; clutching my rosary and silently praying for his soul. j/k, I'm not even Catholic.

This is getting ridiculous. About 25% of America is catholic and the media is on this like vultures. They're circling his dying body waiting for the first shred of flesh. I keep seeing reports of "his failing health", "he's still alive", and "nope, not dead yet." One station (I'm not naming names) even has a 3-D, golden, shimmering, logo that says "The Pope's Health." How tacky is that? Actually, maybe it is appropriate. After all, the Catholics aren't exactly the trend-setters. The guys are still wearing big frilly dresses and have a penchant for gold lamé.

In other news. It's really shitty outside...We're definitely getting our April Showers. I have to get ready for class in about a half hour (blah), and then I have no plans for the weekend. How about you?


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