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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hi! My name is..

Well, I made it on the first leg of this heinous little trip. I'm sitting at an online cafe in the Detroit airport eating greasy greasy fried chicken. My first plane was this tiny little death tube (if you ever are offered a CRJ-Canadair Regional, politely decline). This thing sucked. It was hot as hell, the A/C wasn't working, the windows were strangely low and small (I could see out of them if I were Mini Me). Anywho, My next plane should be a little bigger as I make my way out of Eminem-Land.

I wonder what I will do for this one...the last one I took a Dioxepin and stopped at TGIFridays for a perfect manhattan on the rocks with Wild Turkey, 2 cherries, and a twist. I was feeling like snoopy chasing the Red Baron until about 10 minutes into the flight.

Well, I've only got 10 minutes on this connection, so I better go do something constructive...Then I'm going to watch some QAF (Thank you, Chris for burning those for me before I left).



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