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Monday, August 22, 2005

blog fodder

Murphy's Law:

If you have a serious job interview lined up for the day, everything that can negatively impact your appearance, will.

Yes, I got up this beautiful morning, took a shower, put on my good suit (ok, only suit) and headed off to the office. I had an interview at 4, so I had to be good all day. I even put in my contacts for the day. Well, that was mistake number one.

I have to mention that I don't usually wear my contacts at the office because they seem to miraculously dry out as soon as I walk in the door. It's as if there is a giant kitchen sponge that soaks up every drop of moisture when you cross the threshold. Because of that, it's no surprise that my eyes got really burny around 1 o'clock. I asked a co-worker if she had any drops, and she said "sure."

I then dripped said drops into my eyes and felt as if I'd stuck them w/ a lemon-juice-covered fondue fork. Then I realized...They were for gas-permeable lenses and not soft ones like mine.

An hour-later, after msg'ing everyone in my building that I new, I finally found someone with saline and was able to flush my eyes. Though, now I looked like I had pink-eye. NOT COOL!

Then, I was having a drink of water around 2:30 and managed to spill most of it down my dress shirt. NICE!

I had had enough of the office, so I decided to head downtown early to get myself put together, only I realized when I got there that I had to pee. Sho 'nuff, the building I was interviewing in had NO public restroom and the only one that I could think of that did was 2 blocks away...And off I went. Then, when I returned to the building, hot and sweaty, I had to go to the office to make my wonderful first impression.

Now, the day wasn't all bad. I can say a couple of good things happened:

  1. My computer "baby" was returned to me in working order.
  2. I got my car "the other baby" back from the shop.
  3. I finished a fabulous book: "We're Just Like You, Only Prettier" by Celia Rivenbark (girl, your book made me almost pee myself).


At 8/23/2005 6:57 PM, Blogger Dulcinea's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

ooh! That's been on my "must-read" list for months now, but the library never has it!


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