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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lie #4

....This just in, Circuit City has just jumped their way to the head of the list of "CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE."

On June 30, I bought my new laptop at Circuit Shitty. When I bought it, the guy sold me on this wonderful service agreement.

Lie #1: He said "Oh, we're not like Best Buy, we'll fix it in house..no problems."

Lie #2: "If you have any problems and you don't have the service plan, then you have to pay to ship it to their service center and it will take weeks to get fixed!"

Lie #3: "This service plan will fully cover you for the first 2 years."

So, Scottie bought that service agreement and went on his merry way. Then the hero and his prince lived happily ever after... The End. Right??? Wrong!

I got home this evening and attempted to turn on my computer, but found that it wouldn't turn on. So, I did the only logical thing (even though I was frantic), and went to the "IQ CREW" at my local Circuit Shitty. The geeks there looked at me with a blank stare and said "uh, we don't handle warranty work. You have to call the warranty number for them to trouble shoot it."(Lie #1)

"What's there to troubleshoot? It doesn't turn on."

"Uh, if we do it here we have to charge you." (see Lie #1)

So I went to see a manager who corroborated on this story. He then sent me packing with a number for their warranty center and their corporate headquarters (which was closed, by the way).

I got home and called the Warranty center and spoke to some Texan who tried to "troubleshoot" the computer. Again, Retarded "IT DOESN'T F'ING WORK!"

Then he proceeds to tell me that my service plan only covers power surge and battery replacement for the first year and that in order to fix this, I'd have to contact the manufacturer for service. (see Lie #3)

I got pissed off and decided to call HP. Thankfully, Adam, who answered the phone was sweet as can be. Even though I told him "I'll warn you, I'm not happy right now." He then apologized for the store (even though it wasn't their fault CC is a bunch of liars). Then said "we will see if we can get FedEx to pick it up tonight."

Alas, no, they don't service my area after 5. Then he said "ok, just put it in some sort of packaging, take out the harddrive and FedEx will pick it up tomorrow afternoon. We will then overnight it to us and get it back to you within a week" (see Lie #3)

Needless to say, Circuit City a) lies to you to scare you into their plan, b) lies about what they are going to offer you, and c) lies about how fast they are.

What a crock of Shit! Needless to say, they are going to get an earful tomorrow.

On a lighter note, this blog is brought to you by:

SuddenlyStupid: I saw an ultrasound of my heart yesterday so contrary to popular belief, I do have one


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