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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm in hell

Today, since I have very little exciting to say (aside from the fact that it's flooding down south, work seems to be appreciating me, and I'm left wondering when the locusts are going to show up), I am going to post some of my favorite Ouiser Boudreaux quotes:

"This is it, I've found it, I'm in hell." (sounds like work)

"I'm not crazy, M'Lynn, I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!"

"I do not see plays, because I can nap at home for free. And I don't see movies 'cause they're trash, and they got nothin' but naked people in 'em! And I don't read books, 'cause if they're any good, they're gonna make 'em into a miniseries."

"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste." (that's me)

"The only reason people are nice to me is because I have more money than God."

"I'm not as sweet as I used to be."

"You are too twisted for color TV!" (yep, me again)

"I'm pleasant. Damn it! I saw Drum Eatenton at the Piggly Wiggly this morning, and I smiled at the son of a bitch 'fore I could help myself."

"You are evil, and you must be destroyed." (sounds like my broomhilda)

"There. My secrets out. I'm having an affair with a Mercedes Benz!"

"Oh! He's a real gentleman! I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he PEES in it!"


At 8/30/2005 11:56 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

I , too, am having an affair with a vehicle! *hee hee* <----losing her mind


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