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Monday, August 29, 2005

Killin' Me

This a.m. I promptly took my resignation letter to the powers that be. Before 3 in the afternoon, I'd already talked to: 1) my boss, 2) my boss's boss, 3) the VP, 4) the President, 5) director of HR, and 6) the boss of the area I might have moved into. Talk about crazy! Apparently the lady with the aligator purse took a personal day today.

They gave me the following messages:
  • Don't leave; unofficially there are opportunities here
  • Don't leave; you won't even have to work for Broomhilda
  • Don't leave; you'd be stupid to leave now
  • You are being too emotional about this
  • I wish you well
  • I don't want you to leave; you can't leave...

What a crock of shit. I kept hearing how I can't leave, and that it was a stupid decision to go. What I'd rather hear is:
  • Don't leave; we can't afford to lose you right now
  • Don't leave; we will change our discrimination and harrassment policies to assure that sexual orientation is a protected class
  • Don't leave; we like you
  • ...
In other words...the truth.

I need to be assured that a) I'm a needed, valued employee, b) I will be protected from unfair discrimination, and c) I will be compensated accordingly.

I don't think the compensation will be much a problem, it's the first two that will not happen. If my company were to swallow their pride and admit that they need me and seriously attempt to protect me, I'd have to keep an eye out for a swarm of locusts and frogs falling from the sky. It ain't gonna happen, and I'm tired of fighting. I'd much rather start at a company that already has anti-discrimination policy in place. Yeah, like that will happen.

Ok, now I need some comic relief:


poptart: zonino to flying fucks!


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