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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Leavin' On Jet Plane

Actually, I'm not leaving, I'm back...But you knew that.

The flights yesterday were a mirror of those in to Portland, but I did get to look out the window the whole time.

Leaving Portland is kind of like flying out of Neverland (not MJ's). You watch the beauty of the landscape disappear under a blanket of clouds and then catch glimpses of the mighty volcanic mountains as they tear their way towards the sky. Saint Helens leads the pack, a wounded soldier who's had her head knocked off...Or maybe she just went crazy and flipped her lid. Then there's Adamsand the mighty Rainier.

After that it's the mighty Rockies then breaking through to the quilted patterns of the plains states. I ended up watching Sweet Home Alabama and had a little snacky of trail mix (ok, a lot of snacky). I was getting a bit unnerved by the turbulence, but even more so by the asshole in front of me who had to put his seat WAAAAAY back so that he could lean forward and stare out the window the whole time...Moron.

Cleveland was beautiful as we passed over it at night and flew by some firework 'round 'bout Akron. Before long we were descending on the 'Burgh in all it's messy glory.

I have pictures of some of this, I just have to get my lazy ass around to putting them up...Maybe I will intersperse them here in this post...Maybe not. ;-)


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