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Thursday, September 8, 2005

I lost myself

With two more days left at the current job, I feel my tiny body (/sarcasm) feeling like it really can't handle the show much longer. It's so hard to stay in character. I feel like it's the last scene of the final act and my costume is falling apart at the seams.

The devil has shown her face, and her beloved Judas is starting to circle like a vulture. What's funny is that Judas is angry that I'm leaving. She says I'm being selfish and leaving them in a time when they need me most. Really, she's only looking out for her own good. She doesn't like the work that I do, and now she's going to have to do it. Well, I guess that's what she gets for pushing it aside for the past 2 years and leaving me to do it.

She's always done this. If there's something she doesn't like to do, she'll ignore it until someone else takes over, or she's forced to do it. She did this with the filing. She didn't like to file, so she pushed it aside until it piled up so high that it had to be handled. Then she said "oh, I'm doing other things, I can't possibly do all of that."

Well, turnabout is fairplay. I'm going to leave her with the work and no longer care what becomes of it. It's not my fault the company didn't make preparations in case I had to leave unexpectedly.

I wash my hands of this.

Today's moment in office hell is brought to you by Radiohead:

"Karma Police
I've given all I can
It's not enough
I've given all I can
But we're still on the payroll

This is what you get when you mess with us

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself..."


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