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Friday, September 9, 2005

One for the road

Wow, I've not had an alcoholic day like today in ages. At lunch, we (me and 5 people from work) sunned ourselves at Atria's. We were going to go elsewhere until I saw an ad for their Oktoberfest menu.

Being a good Irish boy, I couldn't partake in all of that German without a wee touch of the Irish; So Pat and I decided to have some Jameson's on the rocks (yes, at lunch again). Then after lunch, I returned to work on a slight buzz to finish out the day.

After work, I met up w/ a few members of the SSS (Secret Sametime Society) from work at Max & Erma's. I didn't want to get f'ed up, so I continued with the whiskey... Three more later and I returned home. ;-)

Then, I went to El Campesino for dinner (I'm feeling multi-cultural today) and had a PiƱa Colada figuring they wouldn't have any good whiskey there.

Anywho, that was my fabulous,multi-cultural, alcoholic, feel-good Friday. ;-)


At 9/11/2005 9:01 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

yay, name in lights, yay!!


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