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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yo Yo Yo

or maybe just Yo-Yo. ;-)

The thought for the day is in regards to Pittsburgh Traffic: How is it that if I leave the house 15 minutes earlier in the morning, I get to work about 45 minutes earlier? Also, how is it that I can navigate back and forth across 2 bridges and get to work faster on a longer trip than going over no bridges and through one tunnel?

I think the answer to this lies with the evil tunnel monster. In case you aren't familiar with Pittsburgh, there is this evil tunnel monster(ETM) that drivers have a primal fear of. The ETM has never been spoken of, or even seen, but somehow we are all afraid (sans me, of course).

In order to stave off the ETM, when driving through a tunnel, one must smoothly reduce their speed by two-thirds before reaching the midpoint of the tunnel. Then, one must slam on their brakes and alert the ETM of their intention to gag said ETM with brake dust.

Once you make it through the tunnel, there is a strange sort of calm as you realize that there appears to be half has many cars in front of you as were there when you entered the tunnel. Then, you rapidly accelerate and wipe your brow (thankful of making it through).

Please free to submit sketches of the ETM if you happen to have any. I'd be interested to see what this creature looks like.


At 9/27/2005 11:32 PM, Blogger Amanda's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

"Oh god... oh god... all the cars in front of me have DISAPPEARED INTO THE SIDE OF THE EARTH!"

I hate those fuckers.

And yeah, I've done the 15 earlier = 45 min earlier thing. And marvelled.

Basically, Pittsburgh travel = what the fuck.


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