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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cold Cold Heart

It's f'ing FREEZING out today! My god, I think my testicles went up into my spleen somewhere around the middle of the 6th Street Bridge (aka Roberto Clemente Bridge...since PNC bought the naming rights for the stadium...bastards). But let's not let this be a diatribe about the perils of winter in the 'Burgh.

So, I got into work and realized, wow, it's a shortened day. Are they letting us out at 1pm like the other nice companies in the city? no. They are letting us leave an hour and a half early. YEY! They're so generous. Apparently I'm going to be soooo much more productive during the hours of 1 and 3:30 that they decided I should stay. Little do they know, but those hours will be spent surfing, chatting, and blogging. F You Corporate America! HA! ::cough cough cough:: ::hack hack hack:: Sorry, I over did it.

Also, I was looking at houses online yesterday, and I get to this one house that seemed reasonably nice, but then I looked at the pictures of the inside. Apparently, the place was decorated by an cherub-obsessed drag queen with obsessive compulsive tendencies. This place had Rafael's Cherubs in every F'ing room: Over the Sofa, Over the Bed, on the F'ing Shower Curtain... "Where does the drag queen part come in?" you ask. The bedding was this silvery taffeta that ballooned and pillowed over the entire bed. Unfortunatly, this drag queen had no taste. The house was f'ing tacky! What some people choose to make their home look like...it's beyond me.


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