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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Hump...Day

Well, lots of shit has been going on over the past couple of days. My computer is on its way back from wherever the fuck Apple fixes them. They apparently had to replace everything but the outside stuff and the screen. Way to go Maggie! (muttering)F'ing Bitch-Cat(/muttering)

My former boss, Kathy, finally quit at my former employer. Now that I don't have many friends left there, I can say their name...MSA. They pride themselves on being one of the best places to work (if you don't look too closely at administrative turnover). They treat their factory workers and sales people like gold, but the rest are just treated like overhead. I'm really proud of Kathy for finally having enough of Broomhilda and the Flying Monkey. YOU GO GURL!!! They aren't going to know what hits them when they realize how much shit you and I did to keep that place afloat!!!

In other news...

I'm almost halfway through the semester. YEY!

I bought Madonna's new CD yesterday, Confessions on a Dance Floor. I've got to say, it's pretty fun and uplifting, but kind of shallow. I dunno, I guess I'm still in awe of Ray of Light. Maybe because her last cd didn't do so well (people don't like to hear opinions), she decided to keep this one more shallow. Oh well, It's good and I'm sure it will sell millions.

Margaret Cho's Assassin DVD came out last week, and as you can see from some of the quotes in the post below, it's f'ing hysterical. GREAT JOB GIRL!

Cyndi Lauper put out a new CD last week which included acoustic takes on some of her classics. Another great compilation! I especially love the duet with Sarah McLachlan on "Time after Time."

Oh, and tomorrow is RuPaul's 45th Birthday. The girl still looks fantastic. Be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday.


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