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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Dude, Where's my iPod?

Well, your ever-vocal blog-master has finally stepped into the 2000s by purchasing an iPod. I've been holding out...mainly because I didn't think I needed 60 GB to start with. This week, Apple released the new 1GB iPod nano. Well, I was sold! Actually, it was sold.

The very day it was released (Tuesday), I decided to purchase one. Since they were running a deal on custom engraving, I decided I'd throw that in as well. I figured it would take the 2-3 days to engrave and ship as listed on the website, but, to my surprise, I got an email saying it shipped yesterday morning. I got excited and clicked on the "tracking" link and found it to be in Shengzheng, China? Yep, you got it, it was still in the motherland of all that is cheap and efficient in toys.

Tonight, I found it to be in Anchorage, Alaska...suddenly, I'm jealous. How come my iPod gets to boldly go where no Scott has gone before? Huh? And all for FREE! Maybe I could cram myself in a box and ship myself to some strange and interesting land. Just as Garfield shipped Nermal to Abu Dabi, I could go somewhere beautiful like Tuscany, Dublin, or even Sydney.

Nope, Scottie is stuck in the good old Pennsyltucky living vicariously through a .3kg package being felt up by numerous strange, sweaty, masculine FedEx carriers... :sigh:


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