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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Tonight was the night of the final-judged performances on Idol. Was it obvious to anyone else that Idol is favoring Taylor in this mess? He got the better "original" song, better play, and a louder crowd...

Regardless, I think he's a spaz and just don't see much use for him. He's no doubt going to get the granny vote; hell, they need someone's cd to buy now that Clay's been outed as a fudge-packer. Oh wait, not just a fudge-packer, but an irresponsible one with a potty mouth.

Anywho, back to Idol. Despite what the outcome of the voting may be, I still think Kat is the one for me. OutQ in the a.m. hates her (but Larry hates anyone who has natural beauty...and talent), VoteForTheWorst.com is supporting the opponent, and she's got the odds stacked against her (thanks to the Idol producers), but I really really like her. I think, with some polish, she could be a real popstar.

Taylor, on the other hand, just totally turns me off.

Good luck Kat. Even if you don't win Idol, you are still a winner.


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