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Friday, September 15, 2006

Crazy Beyotch

Tonight, at 8:30, the Big Bad Bitch sent my cube-mate and I an email. Before you bitch at me for reading work email on a Friday, I have to tell you I'm expecting correspondence regarding an internal job opportunity that I've had 3 interviews and a personality assessment for.

Here's what the crazy-ass bitch said:

"Please clean/remove the items stacked in the window sill. The plates and forks should be stored in a desk or in the kitchen. If no one wants/needs the desk organizers, they can be placed on top of one of the file cabinets in the shredder room across from Payroll.

Since work environment was noted by everyone as part of the CVR survey, I'd like for us to try to keep the area looking as nice as possible. I know this is a small thing, but sometimes just having the work space clean can give everyone a better feeling throughout the day.

We do anticipate that we really will be moving to "permanent" homes in the next 6-8 weeks (hopefully less) and this will also help us be better prepared for the move."

First of all, most of that shit is not mine...I only have a laptop case on the window sill, and for very good reason -- It's fucking COLD in my cube. The window sill has the a/c vents, and I have my bag covering one of the vents to cut down on the nipple-stiffening cold.

Secondly, the survey showed that people were upset at the fact that we had 2-3 people in almost all of the cubes on our floor...not the fact that there is a small pile of plates which are left-over from Cindi's goodbye cake on Tuesday. Maybe the bitch is just bitter that people actually had a cake for Cindi...and do you know why, you psycho hose-beast? Because we LIKE her. She's nice. She's not an evil old hag with thinning hair and a face like the grinch. But I digress. The bitch wasn't even in on the survey discussions...we explained what the real problem was.

Finally, I was told when I was hired that I would get a cube in 6-8 weeks. Do you know when that was? 12 months ago next Tuesday. We were also told 6-8 weeks in December. That's not to mention the 3-4 weeks we were quoted in October and February and April. Oh, by the way, while we are waiting for new cubes...the executives are having their offices remodeled. They already HAD offices, they just wanted better wallpaper and art, so they put the move plans on hold so that the executives could accommodated.

Oh, and what the fuck are you doing at work at 8:30? Probably avoiding going home to a cold bed due to a loveless marriage. Did I say that out loud?

And people wonder why I'm looking for something better. Hell, I'd almost rather be picking cotton in a mine-field Beirutrut.


At 9/18/2006 12:55 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

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