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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Best Buy Blows

I was in a Best Buy store tonight and there was a sign at the Verizon Wireless counter stating "Unlimited in messaging, Pix - Txt - Flix $5.00 / month." I asked the salesperson, Zack, and he verified this was a new deal.

I thought this was a great deal and called Verizon (VZW). They said the plan did not exist. I called the Best Buy store and spoke with Zack again and he verified it again. I asked him if there was any catch, he said no.

So, I called VZW again, they called Zack and he told them the same thing. VZW told me that this was something I would have to get through the store because they didn't offer it. Then I called back again and Zack suddenly said that this was never the case and that there was no sign..even though J and Chris were with me and saw the sign. I pressed further and he said he had been mistaken, but there was no sign.

I asked to speak to the manager, Matt, and he said that there was no sign and there never was a sign and that this plan didn't exist. I asked why Zack had told me it did. He said I must have been mistaken. I asked why he was calling me a liar, and he said he wasn't. I then said "Zack told me and verizon a total of 3 times about this plan that WAS on the sign." Matt then said "Zack told me that he had given you incorrect information." I then said "you just said I was mistaken?"

So what is the deal? Are the three of us hallucinating? Did we drink the purple Kool-Aid? Did Best Buy put out an old or not-yet-active sign and then when Verizon called they pulled it down? :duh duh duuuuuh: Sounds like a case for the A-Team.



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