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Monday, April 2, 2007

Baby Boo-Boo

My heart goes out to my friend, Holly. You might recall that two of my friends were having some problems completing their families. Well, in February, Miss (now Mrs.) Holly gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Ryan.

The little guy was a miracle baby. Holly is almost 40 and has some serious woman-issues, and Ryan somehow managed to attach himself just above some major fibroids. He made it 38.5 weeks and was brought into the world by cesarean, but has had some problems over the past few weeks. He was spewing more than a baby should and just couldn't seem to hold down much.

I got an email today saying that they were taking him to Pittsburgh to Children's Hospital (one of the best in the country) and he was having surgery for Pyloric Stenosis. Thankfully, this surgery is something that is fairly routine at the hospital.

I stopped by (since I had the day off and was just driving around enjoying the weather) to see mommy and even was holding little Ryan when the surgeon came in to examine him for the first time. It was kinda cool...Ryan was finally sleeping so the doc told me to just keep doing what I was doing (just rocking him and patting his lil' bum...and NO K or B, I will not do this for you!!!) and I watched as he pushed in the baby's belly and felt around like he was making bread.

So he said the surgery could be done tomorrow if Ryan's electrolytes are where they should be (they get out of whack from all the yacking). They are doing it through a laproscopy, so it shouldn't be too traumatic for the lil' guy.

Anywho, I will keep my fingers crossed for him tomorrow and hope y'all can do the same.



At 4/04/2007 10:30 AM, Blogger doyouknowpetecho's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

no blog with a picture of a cute little baby could be a bad post. Glad mommy and child are doing well.

At 4/04/2007 12:11 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

what a cutie pie! and the kid ain't so bad either


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