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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Explains a lot

...or, What WON'T Keith Richards snort?

In the past 24 hours I have had some interesting moments with customer service...
I got a letter in the mail from "FIA Card Services" that tells me they are going to change the terms of my credit card unless mail them my name, credit card number and expiration date. My first thought was "what a scam?" and my second thought was "who the fuck is FIA card services?"

So I dug up some papers and found that I actually did have a card with them...it was originally a PNC Bank card issued by MBNA, but that was bought out by some other card company and handed over to FIA. Now, let's rewind a bit; about 3 weeks ago, they sent me a replacement card in the mail. I think it was a card. It was plastic, silver, with a mastercard logo and had my credit card number on it. That was it! No bank name, nothing!

It was then that I decided to call this "FIA" place up and tell them their card is whack and I want something different. The rep, Sh'naynay-qywa or whatever the fuck her name was, tells me that PNC dissassociated themselves from FIA and that is why my card was blank. She then told me there was nothing I could do with it. My response? "I know exactly what *YOU* can do with it" OR "Cancel the damn thing" (Pick your favorite response).

Scene 2

Today I got a call from Nissan, in my never-ending battle to get my car the way I purchased it, telling me that the fog lights I ordered on my car will not be available. Even though I purchased the car with the understanding that they would be installed on my car, they cannot live up to their end of the contract.

So I called the sales manager at the dealership and left a nice message that they were to make things right or else I was going to have to secure a lawyer. I know, I know, big words, but I'm pissed. Since I purchased the car I have had several things go wrong with it:

  • Body Side Moldings - Purchased/Promised at time of sale, but not available to order until 4/30
  • Fog Lights - Purchased/Promised at time of sale, but not available and will not be in the near future
  • Corrosion chrome molding on grill/nissan emblem - dealership is ordering a replacement grill
  • Dent on Front bumper at hood - occured at factory, so dealership will attempt to fix when grill is replaced
  • Steering Wheel ticking when turned 180 degrees - Airbag Clock Spring damaged and replaced on 4/2/07
  • Driver's side front door insulation became loose and came up with window - repaired on 4/2/07
  • Front brakes pulsating - Rotors found to be uneven resurfaced by service department on 3/13/07

:sigh: I guess customer service and product reliability is dead.

In other news, little Ryan is home from the hospital and doing well.

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