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Monday, November 19, 2007

Zoom Zoom Zoom

...or WTF???

So there is this little light that manufacturers have to put in cars as required by the state of California. It's purpose is to warn you if there is something that could compromise the state of emissions coming out of the vehicle.

Really, it's like having a little Schwarzenegger in your dash saying "it's not a tumor...it might be a fart...but i don't like it in Californeeah."

According to the book, it can be caused by the gas cap not being on tightly, overfilling the tank, a rift in the space-time continuum, or any other of 400 causes (and women wonder why we give cars female names? uh..DUHHH). My last sentra, the lemon, did it once after hitting a pothole but then turned off after 30 miles (like it's supposed to). This car has been driven for about 90 miles since it started, I've replaced the gas cap, and even gotten a new tank of gas, and it's still not gone off. So in order to shut the thing up I have to take it to the car-tologist and have them turn the damn thing off (if they can't find anything wrong).


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