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Monday, February 4, 2008

Corporate Constipation

...Or, Why I hate Mondays!

  1. I got up this morning with a bit of a cough and almost missed waking up on time because I accidentally set my clock for pm not am.
  2. Then, I thought about driving in because I bought a case of bottled water to take with me, but decided I'd wait until tomorrow for that.
  3. I walked from the bus stop to the lab to get my blood drawn (thanks to that wonderful Accutaine.
  4. On the way to the lab, I tromped in a big pile of mud.
  5. I got to work and tried to wash the mud off of my shoes, but there was no water pressure in the bathroom.
  6. I found out soon after that there was no water pressure in the entire building.
  7. Then I discovered that my work computer caught a nasty bug which managed to kill my Outlook, IE, and Symantec.
  8. So while waiting for IT to come down and look at my computer, we get an email saying that because there is only one restroom working in the entire 30-some floors in my building, we can go home. Do I get to go home? NOOOO Gotta wait for the computer to get looked at.
  9. Two hours later we discover that the computer is hosed and needs to be reformatted and restored -- I get a loaner and head home.
  10. The express bus doesn't run at a decent hour, so I have to hop the slow-boat to China.
  11. Turns out the slow-boat is also the happy bus. I am forced to ride on a bus loaded with the entire casts of Golden Girls, 227, and In Living Color.
  12. Some ancient lady who talked to herself almost flicked me with ear wax after arguing with her purse.
  13. The bus had to stop every block to pick up some more random drunks and Ms. Jenkins on moto-wheelchair.
  14. After 40 minutes of torture, I finally was able to head home.

What a friggin' day!



At 2/07/2008 4:34 AM, Blogger naechstehaltestelle's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

At least they let you go home, eh? Spending a day like that at work could only have made it worse. Glad you didn't get any errant ear wax on you!

At 2/07/2008 10:41 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

How did Sophia get along with J.Lo?


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