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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Psychic Shopping

I've determined that I have this Sixth Sense when it comes to shopping. Specifically as it pertains to shopping sales. So yesterday I was out at the outlet mall by my parents' house. I wasn't intending on making any major purchases, so I was just taking a leisurely stroll (read: sprinting; I don't stroll) around the mall. I was about to head into Eddie Bauer when my shopper's intuition said "turn right."

I looked to the right and saw J. Crew. Now, I only buy one thing at J. Crew: underwear. Reason being I can't justify spending my entire salary there, which is what I would do if I got in the habit of shopping there. I figured "what the hell," let me go look for some undies and see if they are on sale.

Well, I walked out of there with 3 shirts, shorts, and 3 pairs of undies for about $60. What a steal! Then I'm walking around and see Jimmy'z and think "I have to go in there." I ran in and walked out 5 minutes later with a pair of jeans for $12. Shopping intuition.

Tonight, after dinner, I took a nap and woke up with an urge that said, "Go to Borders." Never to resist a shopping urge, I headed over to Borders. Jackpot! They had the clearance bins out front with boxes of $3.99 books. I now have a pile of 5 books to read on the bus. Express Bus beware! I'm going to be giggling my way through some more Dan Savage an et al. whilst bouncing down the parkway.

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