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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here I Sit, Broken-hearted

OMG! I decided to try out a different restaurant tonight. It's close to our house and friends said it was ok, so I thought "what the hell."

So I went to The Rusty Nail in Bellevue. BIG mistake. Huge.

I ordered what was supposed to be a "grilled chicken breast" according to the menu. It was the healthiest looking thing on the menu, so I thought I'd take the safe route. Everything else on the menu, chicken-wise, was listed as "breaded and fried."

Well, I realized when it came out that "grilled" apparently means "breaded and fried with extra butter." What I got was a pile of fried chicken covered in cheese and two strips of bacon; the oil oozed out of the breast when I cut into it and left a greasy mess on my plate.

The waitress said that the owner had made a mistake when he written "grilled." They took $5 off of the meal, but really should have written the whole thing off. I barely touched it. Oh, and their "buttered carrots" were dry and shriveled (obviously microwaved."

J's meal of crabcake (on top of breaded and fried chicken breast) tasted "funny" according to him.

I got stomach issues immediately after getting home...I'm still on the throne now. So please... save yourself the trouble unless you have a cast iron stomach and a death-wish.



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