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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I hate retail

I usually buy my skin care products at Sephora, but received a coupon in this week's ad for 20% off at ULTA. It didn't specifically exclude my products, so I decided to check things out.

First of all, the sales staff didn't bother to even approach me the entire time I was there. Usually Sephora workers are on me like an Ethiopian on a Big Mac trying to assist me and inform me of the products. I thought this was odd that they were standing around looking bored, but picked up my things and proceeded to the counter.

Then I had my big issue; after ringing up my Anthony and Peter Thomas Roth products, the sales assistant told me that the coupon excluded those products. I asked her where it said that, and she said "this here, 'Prestige Skin Care'." Well, I don't know about everyone else that shops there, but a guy like myself doesn't see "Anthony" or "Peter Thomas Roth" and think "Prestige." We think "over-priced, but if I want to keep my youthful appearance..." Seriously, If you want to exclude everything in the store over 10$, why don't you say so. This is bait and switch if I ever saw one.

Needless to say, I left and will be making my way to Sephora. I can get the same products at Sephora or Nordstrom at the same price, with much better service. With this economy and a bunch of angry gay men out there with no weddings to pay for? Bad move guys; Seriously, bad move.

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