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Thursday, April 7, 2005

You must be f'ing joking

*Update* 177.5 lbs (rock on!), 2 alc. units (red wine, good for heart), 1 dessert (see below)

Sorry that I've not kept up on the weight thing. I've been busy and I'd also reached a plateau for the past month where I didn't lose any more weight. I think it might be due to some muscle gain. It also might be due to 2 birthdays and 3 birthday cakes in there somewhere.

Anywho, I've kept up with the better eating and regular exercise and I've dropped a full inch from my waistline. YEY! :)

Did anyone else watch Idol last night? Sucked. I don't like Nikko much, but Scott needed to go. He's such an ass. Did y'all see the way he was looking all bored when Nikko was speaking??? He doesn't care about anyone but himself. It doesn't help that he looks like a child-molester. I'm glad that Nadia and Carrie stayed out of the bottom 3. Them's muh girls!

Today should prove to be a boring day at work, so I might add more to this post later. TTFN

Thank Joel for this one: Funny shit, Man. That guy is f'ing talented.


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