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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Look what she's wearing!

You might have noticed that I decided to go a little whimsical with my blog. This is something that I created with some cartoon inspiration. Just trying on a new outfit, so to speak. The man underneath is still the same.

Last night I was on a business dinner until 8:30 at Monterey Bay, a very pricey yet beautiful fish-grotto high on top of Mount Washington. One look at the menu prices and I thought they were "high" on top of Mount Washington.

The fish-lover that I am, I ordered a NY Strip Steak and watched in disgust as my party members consumed the crap from the deep blue. My steak was a little over-cooked...I asked for medium rare and got medium well. One person in my party so aptly stated, "If this were any more well done, it would be in an urn." So if you go there, be specific with cooking instructions.

The wine was good; the desserts were in-fuckin'-credible. We sampled the Bailey's Cheesecake and the White Chocolate Macademia Mousse which were so rich they almost made my teeth hurt.

I got home in time to catch the tail end of Idol. Then I watched House while fine-tuning the template for this place and went to bed. Fun huh?


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