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Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Now I know the BBB is a headcase. You see, this is the final week where I officially work for her, she is not in the office, and yet she is desperately trying to cling to her self-imposed power.

Today, in one of her diva tantrums, she decided to start ordering me around via an email. I was rather amused by one of her rants, where she ordered me to change her title on the department intranet page. Because, after all, it didn't show her FULL title. Jokingly I told my co-workers that I should just put, "Head Bitch." At this suggestion, my co-workers offered their own titles (including the c-word).

That said, and joking aside, I proceeded to put her title on the page as it exists in our HRIS system. I emailed her to let her know that I was done, and she responded with a rather condescending, "Please update the page with my proper title. It's on every email I originate or you can pick up a business card off my desk." Well, duh, I knew that, but I play by the rules and so I put her title in as it is officially listed in the system. I guess she doesn't realize this... because she only obeys the rules that work for her.

In another stroke of insanity... I emailed asking that she sign off on my annual review so that I could go over it with my direct boss. She did, afterall, tell me how much my raise would be based upon my review. Well, her response to this was that she'd not reviewed my review and that it would be inappropriate for my boss to discuss it with me without her approval.

Call me crazy, but how can you put a $ amount for an annual merit increase without actually looking at the basis for that increase. So I forwarded that on to the powers that be and asked what the procedure was as I didn't know that we liked to put the "cart before the horse." So that shit will hit the fan later.

However, this is a prime example of another project or task that has fallen flat due to her having to "approve it." Another prime example is the eTime project that I spent 2 months training people to use...It has not yet launched (and it was supposed to in July), because she was absent during much of the testing yet refused to address the concerns until after the due date when we found that the project was flawed (actually, we found this our earlier, had she but read our emails rather than ignore them.)

I cannot wait until I no longer have to wait for her approval on everything I do.

What can I say but, "WHAT A F*CKING C*NT!"


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