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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sweet Tea and Fried Chicken

...or How much do I miss my people?

For those of 5 of you who read this blog and didn't know, I've been on a little mini-internet break for the past few days while on a business trip to Atlanta. I figured that I'd take my time to explore the land of peaches and peanuts (mostly from my hotel room).

I got here Wednesday night and went straight to my room at the Omni. The training that I'm here for started on Thursday morning and ran through about 2.5 hours ago. The training was fun for me, but I'm not going to bore you with the details.

So Thursday night, I went with a local from class to this great restaurant called Fire of Brazil, which really should have been called "Meat on Skewers." The whole premise of this place was that there was a salad and sides bar in the middle of the restaurant, and the rest of the food was provided by these skewer and machete-bearing brazilian boys. They brought me Filet Mignon, Sirloin, Lamb, Pork, Ham, and Chicken (wrapped in bacon) and then finished it off with bananas coated in a cinnamon-sugar stuff that were subsequently put to death via deep-fryer. Even though I'm allergic to bananas, I couldn't resist and thankfully didn't have any major reactions. This place got an A++

Last night, me and 8 other trainers that were in my training session decided to take the "Ghost Glide" Segway tour of Atlanta. Let me tell you... I will no longer pick on the mall cops for riding Segways (I'll just pick on the fact that they are mall cops). Those things are not easy to ride, especially for a boy who has been found to carry his center of gravity in his heels. We spent almost 3 hours on them and had a great time! We were cracking each other up on the ride. Especially with regards to directions. You see, when you are traveling in this large of a group, it's the first person's responsibility to point out hazards to the people behind them. We were to yell out "Bump" or "Stop" and the people behind repeated this down the line. This was very important to our guides, however, we, being teachers, went a little overboard. After hours of "Bump!!", "Bump!", "Tree!!", I spotted a guy digging in the trash and yelled, "BUM!!" and Christie (one of my new training friends) started to repeat but quickly realized what I'd said and then almost fell off of her Segway. Then another girl, who was beginning to starve spotted a restaurant we were passing and yelled back "Buffet!!!". The echoes of "Buffet!!!" could be heard for blocks around. Yeah...we're a bunch of dorks. (PICTURES FORTHCOMING)

Now, I'm sitting at a restaurant in the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, enjoying a meal of Fried Chicken and Candied Yams. They were thoughtfully served to me by the sweetest young woman named Australia, who addressed me as "Baby" (with southern accent) and very kindly carded me (bless her heart). God I miss the hospitality down here! And the pride. I asked her how the fried chicken was and she quickly responded sweetly, "Best around!" I wish this were an audio blog so that I could let my old southern accent shine through, but you will just have to imagine in.

I promise to get some pics up once I get home and get some sleep. Y'all have a good one!



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