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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

...or time to cram a dead bird's butt

So today's the day. I have many things to be thankful for including family, friends, and food. In honor of this, I get to drive 60 miles north for lunch, then 75 miles south for dinner, then 15 miles north to watch tv and go to bed. So I'm going to partake in the sacrifice of 2 large birds.

I usually wake my ass up early and hit the black friday sales, but this year, after scanning the ads early on gottadeal, I found that there really isn't anything worth getting to the store at 5am for. I already have 3 LCD tv's in the house and I don't need a 5$ toaster, 79$ camera, 49$ Craftsman combo set, or mens flannel shirts 2 for $14.99. Yep, all stocked up here.

So that's my holiday in a nutshell. Oh wait, did I mention it's pouring out and the weather channel calls for snow?

Oh yeah, and Reba went to the car-doc yesterday. Seems all of my off-roading(read: f'ed up roads in Pittsburgh) has caused me to break the O2 sensor. No biggie, they will order a new one as it is under warranty. Nothing scary, I can drive without it for a while. While Reba was in there she got her top lubed up (the sunroof was creaking a bit when closing)...apparently the mechanism in the roof that controls it was dry and needed a little crisco. Crisco cures everything.

P.S. Dear Scottie has been discontinued until further notice. The only responses I was getting were a bunch of requests that I check out some great new sites for cialis and penile enhancement (Gosh, people are awfully concerned with my penis).



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