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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Voted

...and I didn't even get a lousy sticker!

So I did my thing this morning and got up early to go vote. Yey me! :)

I have to admit that, up until I woke up this morning, I didn't know who the hell to vote for. The candidates have me mixed on so many different issues and their latest run of ads has really pissed me off. I mean seriously, don't take away my fun viagra and women peeing on sticks commercials so that I can hear that "he said, she said" crap!

Anywho, I got up, went to the convent that I have to vote at. This was the highlight of my voter experience. Honestly. Standing in line, waiting for 10 nuns to get the lead out and vote. I almost wanted to smack their wrists with a ruler and say "you're doing it wrong! go faster! don't vote republican!" If I knew that I wouldn't get decked by the 90-year-old crypt-keepers running the show, I would have taken a pictuer. That way, you too can have the visual of 6 electronic voting machines with 6 little habits barely clearing the top. It was like "Happy Feet XXI: Mumbles goes to Shady Pines."

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