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Monday, April 11, 2005

Will it Ever End???

Ok, those of you who have been reading my blog may remember, I was having a little problem with the local tax office. Well, tonight I opened a letter from them that has totally put me over the edge.

Apparently, not only have they shown a great deal of incompetence in losing checks and then deciding to cash them, but also they are trying to bill me for them. First of all they lost the checks (2 of them). Second, they tried to cash one of them 3 months later. Third, they sent me a bill for the canceled check (which I paid them in person back in December). Now, they've really pissed me off...they are now billing me for the amount that I paid to cancel the f'ing things.

Let me just say that this group is going to get a NASTY call tomorrow. Also, let me say that last time I tried to be nice and protect the innocent. Fuck that!!! Arlene at Central Tax can totally just eat my ass!!! If any of you are in any position of power in Western PA and are trying to decide who will be your tax collector, don't pick central tax. Penn Hills has fired them for this year, but they are still collecting for last year. If it weren't for that, I would not have to deal with them anymore.

So, the jist of this is CENTRAL TAX SUCKS!!!


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