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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'll get you my pretty

Well, I had to do a presentation last night alongside Broomhilda err WWW. That was a load of fun! I did fare better on the speaker evaluations than her, which is surprising coming from the older crowd that we dealt with.

Then I had to drive my ass 30 minutes back home after the presentation, so I didn't get home until 830. Yes, it was another exhausting night for me.

Oh, and my girl, Baby V, left idol last night. I love me some Vonzie, but I'm sure she will do well. She needs to hook up w/ a girl group like Destiny's Child and knock it out of the park.

Right now I'm reading "Why Business People Speak Like Idiots". It's a really good read, so far. Really appropriate to what I'm workin' on.

OH! and I forgot to mention that I read through Carolyn 101 in 24 hours this past weekend. That was a great read! Carolyn really knows her shit, but anyone who watches "The Apprentice" know that.


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