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Monday, January 2, 2006

2005 in Review

Well folks, another year has come and gone and I've got a few things to show for it. I figured that, since I had nothing new to talk about, I would do a recap. of last year.

January: 2005 started off slow, first with the moving of my blog from some other hideous blog provider, then the Outing of SpongeBob. Work got a little better this month when I stopped reporting to Broomhilda.

February: February saw the return of American Idol and my sudden realization that I was getting fat and needed to start taking a look at my diet.

March: I didn't do much in March except whine about how tired I was from school and work. It was just an all-around boring month for me, so I decided at the end to a re-design of my blog (it's since been redesigned again).

April: I decided to do a little experiment with food in April, the pope was replaced with a nazi, Idol was in full swing, and I was still having problems at the office.

May: May marked the bay of bunnies invasion. Kira got a techno-toilet. Idol ended and Carrie won. I also got to see Sarah McLachlan for my 4th time. YEY!

June: What a boring month. All I got was a case of the hives and randomly outed.

July: July was festive with: 1) a vacation to the Boos', 2) a bad case of sunburn, 3) the death of customer service, and 4) a trip to Portland for work.

August: ...continues the trip to Portland. I fell in love with a puppy that I didn't get. I interviewed for a job that I did get. Yet, the high point was the birth of my niece, Bree. Nothing compares to that.

September: In September, I told my former boss, Broomhilda to Kiss-Off and got that job at my current company. I learned all about wiolations and dangling references. My HP decided to die...AGAIN.

October: I switched teams in October and bought myself a Mac. If that weren't nerdy enough, I got into the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. Then, I went to the U2 concert and blew chunks after. School continued on and I professed my love of sports.

November: I about wore myself out this month between school, shopping, and real estate.

December: The year ended on a high-note with me completing school and doing it well

Now that I look at it, it seems like a pretty productive year. :)


At 1/02/2006 4:03 PM, Blogger honeykbee's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

All you're missing is the partridge in his proverbial pear tree!

At 1/02/2006 4:19 PM, Blogger Scott's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

I ate him...that diet was a bitch!

At 1/02/2006 6:59 PM, Blogger CeCe's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

I'd do a year in review but I don't think I'd want my friends knowing all the dirty details...

It was a VERY good year for me! hehehe


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